I was born in Wichita, Kansas and have lived in several places. I spent my early childhood in Indianapolis and moved back to the Wichita area in 2000. I grew up in Andover, Kansas, and spent most of my time involved with my high school debate team. Emporia State University was the beginning of my university tenure, from there I spent a year as an exchange student in Vigo, Spain and later transferred to the University of Dallas, from which I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in philosophy and a minor in theology.

I became interested in the mortgage industry because of how well my MLO originated the loan for my own house. I took an interest in the various parts and asked a lot of questions, plainly out of curiosity. I am excited to work at JR Mortgage Group because of the company's openness to think outside of the box.

I have a few hobbies, some of which might be considered eccentric. I've played guitar and spoken Spanish for almost twenty years, am currently branching into Portuguese, and I also enjoy working on philosophy in my free time. My hope is to have a book written by the end of 2023. I love that I get to help borrowers through the loan process entirely in Spanish as making things accessible in Spanish is one of my passions.