I am a lifelong Wichitan, and I love all things real estate! Growing up, my father was a contractor, so I began learning all the ins and outs of construction and transactions from an early age. My first job was with a locally owned real estate company in the heart of downtown. After spending almost a decade there, I transitioned to multiple support roles in agricultural and commercial lending. It was wonderful to learn as much as I could about all the different types of lending! Still, I always loved working with clients going through the home buying process and found my way back to residential lending in 2021.

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There is truly nothing more rewarding than helping a family into their dream home and walking first-time homebuyers through this process. With my experience in different aspects of real estate and home financing, I am well qualified to guide you through the mortgage process from beginning to end and answer any questions you may have along the way.

When I am not in the office, I enjoy playing tennis, carpentry, and spending time with my 3 boys and husband.

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